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At Bienestar, we’re about change, as life will stay the same until you create a reason for it to be different. Change is uncomfortable for us all and even sometimes scary. We get it, but still that’s the destination if you want freedom.

At Bienestar, we provide the support, the nurturing, the guidance and the opportunity for more health and wellbeing, happiness and love, success and opportunity. Through healing, meditation, education and inspiration, we’re creating a fast-track for our clients every day, from where they’re stuck or not well into a whole new level of wellbeing.
When you can create harmony and balance in your energy and your mindset, that’s when the biggest change happens.


Let us help you to see the brilliant truth of you to create a fast-track to your ideal life through mind-set change, healing & education!

Welcome to Bienestar Wellbeing

Check out our beautiful healing centre. Where you can immerse yourself into Healing, Meditation and Workshops


Using our signature healing modality, Meliae Intuitive Healing: to change, to make better. Experience energy healing to balance both your mind and body to create ease, peace, happiness, health and success.


A soothing balm to our stressful and busy lives. For peace, stillness, relaxation, concentration and productivity.
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Luxury retreats in incredible locations around Australia and the world to take you away from your normal and introduce you to a whole new way of living a more fabulous life. A fast-track through change with the tools to make it your reality. Join us!


From learning at our centre to the comfort of your own home, our learn program has it all and is targeted at those with less time or flexibility than our retreat program. Immerse yourself in our workshops to expand your ability to make the life you dream of your reality.

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