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Calm Evolution is about sourcing your next steps from a space of your highest wisdom and tapping into the potential of that. Of connecting to that internal state of genius rather than being led by our trauma, fears or past limitations. Of addressing your resistance and sabotage by amplifying out of your weaknesses. And with the energy that comes from the release of the old ways, you build into focusing all your attention into patterns of success, creating and using more positive states of behaviour and belief to fuel and amplify your everyday into everyday successes.

Calm Evolution is about identifying what you want to change, how you’d like to be living and when. Of a life that turns up in the way you’d like it to, and the learning a mastery of managing it’s bumps. It’s like climbing the world’s tallest mountain with the very best guide with the most appropriate skills and tools. Of course life is like climbing a mountain: imagine doing that having your own secret weapon of mastery, the ability to calmly navigate and reach to your own highest potential.

Life is not really about the destination, for we all end up in the same state of being.

Life is really about how you spend the days in between. Rather than getting caught up and lost in the dramas, deadlines and difficulties, learn to find the calm within the everyday. Within the calm, you’ll create the space and motivation to step up into mindset and behavioural change.

And change you will, this class is filled with inspiration, real tools and an opportunity to reclaim your brilliance and connect to the clarity of your highest wisdom.

Imagine cutting through the noise and creating a fast-track to success, one you can take ownership of, as I teach you how to read the roadmap of your life path in such a way that you’ll be moving in and around the inevitable obstacles that fall in your way.

So, What isn’t working in your life?

If you could ask, what would you want Karina to fast-track you through?

Join us for this 2.5 hr intensive or plan a one on one bespoke session.


Why Karina Godwin?

Karina has over 35 years of success in both the medical and wellbeing spaces of helping people to live life better. She’s known for a highly attuned intuitive acumen that has you sliding into a  silver lining of your now whilst she’s creating a fast-track towards you living and loving your very best life. A prolific creator in multiple mediums, she’s the survivor of a very rare and aggressive cancer with little promise of recovery. It is her own journey of survival which fuels her passion for helping others to be living the fabulous life she has created for herself.

Karina’s international retreat program, multiple classes, speaking, guided meditation albums, books and inspirational products provide the tools, wisdom and insights to create your own success. Karina is a must see and once you’ve experienced what she has to offer, you’ll be empowered to create your own amazing life too.                                  

Calm Evolution: Learn

Duration: 2.5 hrs

Pre-requisites: Completion of 3 questions upon booking

Via Zoom

  • Balance May 16, 2024. 6.30-9pm
  • Peace June 20, 2024. 6.30-9pm
  • Connection July 18, 2024. 6.30-9pm

Proposed Dates TBC

  • Nurture Aug 8, 2024. 6.30-9pm
  • Energy Sept 12, 2024. 6.30-9pm
  • Retreat Oct 17, 2024. 6.30-9pm
  • Courage Nov 14, 2024. 6.30-9pm
  • Passion Feb 2025
  • Release March 2025
  • Resilience April 2025







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