Recipe for Life!

Are you lost? Has life gone astray from what you’d hoped for…
Are you short on ideas of what and how to change?
Join Karina to create a new plan for a pathway to change, to see the real you, and learn to support yourself and discover your potential…

Create the Life you Love Living!

Discover the 8 Essential Ingredients to Create a Life you love Living with:

  • A downloadable recipe for planning a whole new life
  • Almost 4 hours of intensive learning for clarity
  • Practical to-dos for each of the 8 ingredients

Begin again, there’s no time like the present to start life over. You just need to give yourself permission and take one step. Each step will lead to the next and before you know it, you’ll be changing before your very eyes. Use this learning, as part of Karina’s giving back program to start anew at a fraction of the price of our normal learning rates.

Use this workshop to help you:

  • Learn what you’re missing and how to get it
  • Wake up with renewed purpose and happiness
  • Create an enthusiasm for the day ahead
  • Become confident in mastering the challenges of the day
  • Begin imagining a new future
  • Feel good about you and your potential

How good can you handle it? With Karina, she’ll give you the tools that will keep on giving as you grow and evolve into a happier and more capable version of you.

Ask the participants of any of Karina Godwin’s teachings and they’ll tell you that she creates an appetite for more. The delight in experiencing more than they’d hoped for has them coming back over and over. Whether you’re studying in-person with her online, you’ll find yourself hungry for more!

Is it now? Einstein’s theory is to create a different outcome; it is necessary to change what you put into the experiment. Are you ready to create a change in the ingredients of your life so that you can experience Happiness AND Joy? You need a catalyst: will you allow Karina to become your trigger for change with the inspiration, plans, and action to help you find it?

Are you ready to change? It’s up to you…

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