Are you not happy? Not happy enough… or not happy at all?

Does everyone around you seem to have life figured out, yet you’re at a loss as to how to make your life feel that amazing? There are no limits to how good your life can be. Learn the difference between happiness and Joy and learn how to get them both!

Life doesn’t always land where or how you expected it and it’s easy to slip into a funk when you can’t find your way away from the darkness of how you’re feeling.

Use this workshop to help you

  • Expand your Potential and Productivity
  • Enjoy a full day to explore and grow your state of Joy
  • Let go of the old for a new and easier life
  • Create a positive attitude, with the enthusiasm to embrace life
  • Create a whole new perspective driving better relationships
  • Master both Happiness and Joy
  • Master your fear

How good can you handle it? With Karina, she’ll give you the tools that will keep on giving as you grow and evolve into a happier and more joyful version of you.

Ask the participants of any of Karina Godwin’s teachings and they’ll tell you that she creates an appetite for more. The delight in experiencing more than they’d hoped for has them coming back over and over. Whether you’re studying in-person with her online, you’ll find yourself hungry for more!

Is it now? Einstein’s theory is to create a different outcome; it is necessary to change what you put into the experiment. Are you ready to create a change in the ingredients of your life so that you can experience Happiness AND Joy? You need a catalyst: will you allow Karina to become your trigger for change with the inspiration, plans, and action to help you find it?

Are you ready to change? It’s up to you…

What you will receive:
  • Life time access via our Online Learning Portal
  • 9 videos of live workshop content totalling more than 5 hours of viewing time.
  • Learn at your own pace, start and stop anytime
  • All workshop materials relating to workshop exercises included
Investment: $400

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