Purchase Complete

Thank you for purchasing from our online learning platform. Please review the information below as it is important for you to understand the process going forward and how to access your purchase today and in the future

Quick Start Guide – Full detailed instructions below

First Time Users:

Step 1: In your emails click the link to reset your password and return to the Bienestar Wellbeing web page

Step 2: On the Menu bar hover over Learn, then hover over Online Learning Platform, finally click Login. Once you login you will be taken to your online learning profile and all your purchased content can be accessed here

Future Access:  Return to the login page via the Learn link on the Bienestar Wellbeing website menu bar


Detailed Instructions

First time users: You have received 2 emails one to set up your personal password for the account has been created for you using your email address as the login name. The second email. gives you the direct access link to the webinar or workshop you purchased.

Step 1: Set up your password by clicking in the link in the email

Step 2: Once you have changed your password you can click the Back to Bienestar link to return to the website where you can login to your new account. On the menu bar is the Learn area, hover over Learn and you will see Online Learning Platform in the sub menu, hover over this and Login will appear. Click Login and you will be directed to the Online Learning Platform Login screen. Fill in your email address as your user name and the password you just set in the password area and click Login. You will be directed to your Online Learning Platform user profile. From here you can see the webinars or workshops you have purchased as well as access other content and of course edit your profile.

Future Access: We have a link to the login page which gives you access to your Online Learning Profile and purchases on every page of the bienestarwellbeing.com website. Just go to the menu bar and hover over Learn, then hover over Online Learning Platform, then click login to access the login page and gain access to your online learning profile.

If you are logged in and navigate away from the online learning platform you can easily return here by go to the menu bar and hover over Learn, then hover over Online Learning Platform, then click Profile to access your profile on our oNline Learning Platform.

Enjoy the many webinars and workshops we have to offer