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From learning at our centre to the comfort of your own home, our learn program has it all and is targeted at those with less time or flexibility than our retreat program. Immerse yourself in our workshops to expand your ability to make the life you dream of your reality.

Online and in person

It’s hard to create a life you love when you feel blocked or at a loss to identify or even create what you need to wake up loving every day. Perhaps you need to start again… from the beginning!

Karina Godwin is incredible at creating those opportunities, it feels as if she’s speaking to your personal experience, regardless of the size of her audience. She provides the a-ha moments to identify what isn’t working for you, along with the tools, techniques and wisdom to facilitate making the changes that will actually bring you the life you love and dream of living.

Imagine relationships that work, days filled with happiness, dreaming of a better life, and then actually achieving it. This is the reality of Karina’s graduates. They walk away with the tools to create their desired reality.

Rather than a quick fix, Karina’s teaching is practical and realistic to fit in with your life. The pace of your success is actually decided by you: choose a 1/2 day workshop, a 1-day intensive or something online to appease your appetite for change, and walk away with the confidence, skills and knowledge to make it happen.

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Encouraging you to believe in possibility,
towards a life of your dreams.

When you’re ready for a life that’s more,
follow this recipe to make it real..

Creating the right relationships that soothe,
inspire and support you towards
happiness and success.

Creating possibility when you’re wishing
or hoping for more, expand your most
extraordinary asset.

Learn there are no limits to just how good
your life can be and feel amazing in your
new state of both happiness and joy!

For the kind of relationships you yearn
for, learn empowered communication that
honours all the people in your life.

If you’re dreaming of becoming a healer and
assisting others to heal and improve their
lives, this is the training for you!

For our Graduates of Meliae Intuitive
Healing Practitioner Training, take your
healing skills to the next level.





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