Locations: Melbourne, Australia
Next Scheduled Date: 2024

Meliae Intuitive Healing Practitioner Training!

Meliae Intuitive Healing works upon the ethos that if you have a problem, you should go to its source to fix it. I know that if I have a problem with the water quality coming from my taps, whilst I’ll initially look at the tap, I know that it is likely to source deeper into the pipes or into the water supply system. Meliae applies the same theory, seeking the originating source of what troubles you physically, emotionally and Spiritually: the results speak for themselves. Meliae is about more than just balancing your energy, it’s healing at a much deeper level.

Meliae Intuitive Healing releases the emotions that we ignore or push aside, to unblock the energy that has been affected by doing so. The suppressed emotions are held within the body and energy, and it’s the Meliae Intuitive Healer who is able to source and clear those blocks.

Training as a Meliae Intuitive Healer means that not only will you understand that those buried emotions are sitting in the subconscious, but you’ll be empowered with skills and wisdom to access and release them. Over 4 days, you’ll explore the anatomy of the body, the relationship to its energetic routes and develop the skill to both access and release that which is creating the dis-ease or difficulty in the client. Expect to walk away from your practitioner training practised and confident that you can deal with almost anything a client brings your way.

Expanding your skills and knowledge further is possible via the 2 day Meliae Advanced Training and the master classes throughout the year. Find extra support through our closed Facebook page which unites our Meliae Intuitive Healing community.

Meliae Intutive Healing is accredited by the IICT and was initially founded in 2004, gained it’s name of Meliae Intuitive Healing in 2012. Meliae Intuitive Healing is helping people to become happier and healthier every day, but more importantly, it’s empowering clients to lead their own change, creating the lives they yearn for. You’d be an ideal Meliae Intuitive Healer if you:

  • are committed to helping people to be more of themselves are passionate about empowering others to create success, health and happiness in their own lives
  • have high levels of integrity and are able to honour the desires of the client
  • are flexible and adaptable, you love making change
  • are passionate about making a real difference
  • are ready to help people to see and understand what really matters to create happiness, health and success
  • are not attached to any particular beliefs or attitudes that will limit your brilliance as a Meliae Intuitive Healer…. we don’t like to live with limits, anything is possible!
  • are focused upon continued evolvement for your own happiness and wellbeing too!

During this life changing 4-day experience; you will explore

  • the sources of suffering, pain and illness
  • anatomy of the body
  • the energy systems of the body and how they work together for wellbeing
  • how to identify what’s normal
  • identifying energy blockages and their effects
  • source and access deep blockages held within the subconscious
  • how to empower clients to lead happy, healthy and loving lives
  • discuss managing clients with difficult or special needs
  • healing children and women during pregnancy
  • your own healing abilities as you hone them to function at this high level of healing
  • how to support and clear your own energy as a Meliae Intuitive Healer
Investment: $1,600

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