Location: Kingscliff & Byron Bay, NSW, Australia
Next Scheduled Date: TBC

An extraordinary 4 days and an experience like no other.

A journey of healing, of letting go of all that keeps you in a place of resistance, ill-health or unhappiness.

Restore Me creates the essence of safety in any situation, an internal faith in you and your ability to restore your circumstances or mindset to a state of balance, with the clarity to return you to your destiny path. For we were each born with a purpose, being connected enables you to see exactly how to keep your alignment with all that you were born to do and be.

Restore Me is a very special journey to reconnect you with your essence… that magical something that you were born with. It is about reconnecting, recovering your spirit and restoring your connection to being ‘well’ … be it in your mind, or your body or your ability to turn up in the world with purpose and success.

It is a return to the pure essence of light that is your Soul energy, an opening into every single part of you with the light of love and the experience of joy.

This is a retreat not to be missed, with beachfront learning and an adventure & experience centred in the healing surrounds of Byron Bay.

It’s time to restore this connection, to shine your true brilliance to the world.

A Taste of your Experience:

Day  1:

  • 7.30 – 7.45am          Registration at Mantra on Salt Beach, Kingscliff, our beachside classroom
  • 8am – 5.00pm         Release the Old When your connection to the Essence of who and what you were born to be is weakened or destroyed, it prevents you from becoming just that. Time to release it all, to create space for the ‘real’ you to grow.
  • 7.00pm – 9.00pm    Welcome Dinner: reconnect or make new connections within our Retreat Community

Day 2:

  • 8am – 5.00pm         Realign your Body & Energy Once there is space, it is essential to clear, and to align your body and energy to your essential essence. Immerse yourself in a personal healing experience that takes you in the most gentle, supportive way to its core, releasing you into the full expression of your Essence.

Day 3:

  • 6.15am – 6.45am     Sunrise Expansion into your Essence
  • 8am – 5.00pm          Expand into the Essence of You From here there is no reason to be limited as you learn to realign your mind to shine the true brilliance of you. We were all born with purpose, time to expand your Essence back onto your destiny path.

Day 4:

  • 8am – 5.00pm        Your Essence Experience Day We’ll take you on a full day of adventure exploring the incredible energy and waters of Byron Bay and surrounds as we immerse ourselves this special place: connect into the extraordinary Essence that is you!

All of our retreats are individually crafted to achieve the best possible experience and results. Thus, pricing may vary as it is reflective of each retreat’s duration, location and inclusions. See the PDF for pricing of our upcoming or most recent retreat.

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