Dates: 5th December 2021
Locations: Melbourne, Australia


Kind Conversation isn’t about being walked all over, it’s about channelling your internal wisdom into intelligent and Soul feeding communication, that keeps your relationships with everyone healthy and balanced. It’s about managing whatever you face without the regrets of what if I…

Kind Conversation has become the secret to Karina’s happiness, for that is what she’s really good at: communicating with the best part of you. Kind Conversation isn’t just about words, it’s about an internalised respect, it’s about loving yourself enough to treat both yourself and those around you with kindness within firm boundaries.

Kind Conversation is a way of holding someone in the centre of your attention and speaking to their heart. Once you’ve mastered the skills and the wisdom it stems from, it’s possible in every situation. An innate understanding of people, their problems and their sadness develops, (including your own) and you find yourself able to communicate without the limits of your previous experiences.

Use this Workshop to help you to:

  • Learn to listen to what’s really being said
  • Leave your baggage behind and start again
  • Communicate with kindness to grow your relationships
  • Let go of old habits in communication and fear of conflict
  • Learn to communicate with respect and kindness
  • Develop healthy and happy boundaries and happier relationships
  • Learn new ways of expressing your needs and the willingness to do so
  • See people as they really are
  • Open your heart to find compassion for the hurting part of you and others
  • Communicate in new relationships without bringing in your old baggage
  • Value who you are enough to demand respect from others
  • Create an internalised respect for you, reflected by those around you
  • Have the courage to communicate when it’s challenging

How good can you handle it? With Karina, she’ll give you the tools that will keep on giving as you grow and evolve into a kinder, more empowered version of you.

Ask the participants of any of Karina Godwin’s teachings and they’ll tell you that she creates an appetite for more. The delight in experiencing more than they’d hoped for has them coming back over and over. Whether you’re studying in-person with her online, you’ll find yourself hungry for more!

Is it now? Einstein’s theory is to create a different outcome; it is necessary to change what you put into the experiment. Are you ready to create a change in the ingredients of your life so that you can experience Happiness AND Joy? You need a catalyst: will you allow Karina to become your trigger for change with the inspiration, plans, and action to help you find it?

Are you ready to change? It’s up to you…

Investment: $400

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